Indiana Scholarship

Rules for Indiana LICA $2,000.00 Scholarship

1. Who is eligible? Indiana LICA Regular Members, Junior Members, their spouses, children, and grandchildren.
2. Eligibility Requirements. Must be one of the following: A. a currently enrolled college student  B. a high school senior, actively enrolling in, a four year college, technical school or vocational training in Indiana.  Preference will be given to those students pursuing a degree in Natural Science, Technology, Business, Teaching or Engineering.  The same person is not eligible for more than one award.
3. Amount of Award. $2,000.00, Up to 3 winners per year. All applicants will receive notification of status by September 1.  The winner will receive a check in the amount of $2,000.00 by September 15
4. Dates to Apply. Completed applications must be received by Indiana LICA between January 1 and August 15. Applications must have a postmark date no later than August 15.  Incomplete applications will be automatically disregarded.
5. Date of Award. By September following the application.
6. Basis of Award. In addition to meeting all eligibility requirements, emphasis on the specific points listed will have much consideration in determining the winner. Progress toward attaining vocational and personal goals, as well as a philosophy compatible with INLICA objectives and mental character.
7. Information Required. A successful applicant shall have provided all the personal data requested on the application form.  Key requirements include copy of birth certificate, transcripts of completed high school/college work, and an essay of 300 words or less.

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